New 5-Star Reviews!

New 5-Star Reviews!

From Verified Amazon Buyers:

 “Page Turner” – 5 Stars

“All I read are legal thrillers. This was one of the best out of about 15,000. That’s not an exaggeration. You will normally guess the ending.” -Ted Kerrz


Ultimate Verdict: A Legal Thriller – 5 Stars

 “Good from beginning to the end. I can usually guess the endings of thrillers, but this one surprised me. It was a great read.” – Karen Anderson


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Vigilante Justice

Our system of justice is broken.  More than one third of all murders are never solved.  Mass killings are on the rise.  Predatory criminals and companies victimize millions of people and are never brought to justice.

In Ultimate Verdict, we follow the trials and travails of Judge Raleigh Westlake, a federal judge who presides in Asheville, North Carolina.   After a dozen years on the bench, he lands his first murder case — the brutal stabbing of a young woman on a snow-covered mountain.  The killer is convicted and given the death penalty, but the appellate court reverses the conviction on a technicality, and the killer must be freed.  Judge Westlake decides to take a stand.

In a secret, mobile courtroom, the Judge brings the killer to trial a second time, and this time there is no appeal.  The killer is executed at sunrise on a beach in Florida.  If the system worked, he wouldn’t have to resort to vigilante justice.  To ensure the secrecy of their mission, the Judge and his loyal cohorts must operate in the dark, disguising the death sentences as accidents or suicides.

But when a United States Congressman gets away with a massive Ponzi scheme, ruining the lives of thousands, the cabal must send a message.  The Congressman is tried in the secret courtroom in the semi-trailer and sentenced to death by rattlesnake.  In the ensuing manhunt for the vigilantes, Judge Westlake must confront his own guilt and a traitor in their midst.  With the FBI closing in, will the vigilantes be forced to face their own lawlessness, or will they survive to continue their quest for ultimate justice?

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