Recommendation for Legal Thriller

Now that summer reading season is upon us, I’d like to recommend “Cried for No One,” the debut novel of retired attorney Hubert Crouch. The novel is a page-turner that delves into the relationships between attorney and paralegal, and father and son, underlying a fast-paced plot that’s part courtroom drama and part murder mystery. The story is authentic, taking the reader through twists and turns that culminate in a thrilling, surprise ending.

I worked with Hubert at a Dallas law firm for a few years, and we’ve both taken to the writing path, churning out novels about the law. From my perspective, Hubert’s novels appear to have a bit of an autobiographical slant, as he provides intriguing details about the often hectic life of a trial lawyer, an insight often missing from stock legal thrillers. Read this book, and you won’t be disappointed.
Michael Winstead, Author
Ultimate Verdict
Ultimate Deception

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