A Review for the Writer’s Heart

This review of Ultimate Verdict was posted on Amazon.  These kind words are the very thing an author hopes for when toiling away, late at night, hoping that the story and characters come across as intended.  It struck a cord in my heart, which is not as dark as some may think.

“Just finished reading my first Michael Winstead novel. His character development reads like an in depth picture of the person. You “see” them in a paragraph. No need for height, weight, eye color, etc.  The circumstance not unusual, and I would have been happy just reading about the usual vigilante scenario. I’m pretty good at subconsciously guessing where a story is headed, and get mad when an ending doesn’t match up with the “clues”. It wasn’t until the last two pages that I got it… and it brought a smile to my face. “Of course”.
This author also has bypassed superfluous words and descriptions whose intention are to make the book reach the “necessary” 350+ pages that so many books now ascribe. I deplore that.
If you love legal intricacies, great character development, plausible scenarios and “can’t put it down” novels….. do not read any more reviews. GET THIS BOOK.”

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